Bearded with a scarf and hat.
Yup, that’s me, with a beard, scarf, and hat.

As a young man enthused about life, I know that my potential is only limited by how I think. Therefore, I’m on a journey to think differently.

Whether I am communicating or creating, I enjoy helping anyone. With a few years in ministry, some background in technology, and an innovative mind to integrate modern resources, I want to see the Truth made available to all.

I like music. A lot. Music will continue to be a part of what I do throughout my life. I sing, play multiple instruments, and sound engineer.

Web design is a joy. Digital media is the future. WordPress, the hammered dulcimer, and coffee are three of my obsessions.

Purveying the verbal arts is extraordinary.

Editing is what I do. You make a mistake, I find it and make everything look good.

Having been in a wheelchair since 1997, I like to pop a few wheelies every now and again.

A son is who I am. It is my rightful identity in Him.

That’s a little about me. Is there any way I can help you?

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