Here are a few tips that Apple has collected into a little app in iOS 8 Beta 4.

First, upon startup, you’ll get a notification that looks like this:

ios 8 beta 4 tips
Startup notification.

Tip #1:

ios 8 beta 4 tip 1
Quickly respond to a notification.

Tip #2:

ios 8 beta 4 tip 2
Notify me when there’s a reply.

Tip #3:

ios 8 beta 4 tip 3
Now you can get Siri’s attention hands-free.

Tip #4:

ios 8 beta 4 tip 4
Press and hold the mic to send a spoken message. Gestures included.

Tip #5

ios 8 beta 4 tip 5
Take care of that electronic mail of yours.

Tip #6:

ios 8 beta 4 tip 6
A self-timer has been added to the camera app.

The app icon looks like this:

ios 8 tips icon
A fresh flat app icon, of course.

More tips to come:

more ios 8 beta 4 tips to come
Bring ’em on.

Oh, and look at control center:

ios 8 beta 4 control center
Me like.


  1. some really nice additions coming on here, in particular the control center tweak is lovely. Looking forward to getting my hands on it later in the year.

    1. I like it too. It’ll be neat to see it released to the public soon.

      By the way, are you going to beta test Yosemite for Mac OS X as they are doing a public beta release tomorrow? Do you have a Mac?

      1. Sure will!

        I do have a Mac, but I don’t think i’ll get in on the Beta – even though I signed up months ago. My Mac has been having some problems of late since it had some water damage, so I think i’ll avoid it.

          1. no, i didn’t spill it. The girl sat next to me on a train ride a few weeks back did. It was actually tea, with milk and sugar. The sugar is corrosive to parts, so I feel i’m not out of the woods with it yet. Water wouldn’t worry me quite so much! Here’s hoping it works out though!

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