Prioritizing When to say yes to everything

Ok, ok. Don’t listen to my subtitle. I know that I constantly find myself searching for new things to learn and for ways to help others. In that, I can become overwhelmed with the vast ocean of life’s provocations. So, I think it is good to remind myself to hunker down and focus like this […]

To My Mother A day to remember

To my one and only mother. The best mom a young man could have. Lori Marie Beil, you are fantastic. You are kind and steadfast. Ever present. Ever loving. May your day be filled with joy and laughter, memories and vitality. May today mark a moment of great fulfillment in your life. May you enjoy […]

Never Late

Perhaps we second guess ourselves too much as we pile more and more stuff onto our plates. Maybe we should enjoy the moment and trust that everything is gonna be alright. After all, a wizard is never late.

2015 – A Start

In all things there is a beginning. The foundational start. Yesterday happened to be the start of 2015. A change of one digit in the world’s timeline. A moment in time where we may be focused on making a change, or praying for there to be some form of hope in our future. So as we set […]