I saw this image the other day that reminded from where we came in the world of programming. Programmers used to punch holes in a program tape to make a bug fix, or enhance a program. Now, we can open our IDE, or text editor, change the file that’s throwing an error, and commit that change to a version control system like Git. After making a commit we can push that change to a repository that is then connected to some form of Continuous Integration, which then invokes a deployment process when all tests are passed. WOW!

One of my friends remembers making patches that looked like this:


To me this looks rather daunting. I mean I have to extend my hands beyond the keyboard? Then I need to grab some tape, or grab a puncher to punch a new hole. Whew! Exhausting. But, it seemed to work for them and it’s a good reminder to write good code.

I think that looking back at the past is so vital to our future. These types of images are inspiring and are helpful when we feel down, so that we can make a difference today.

May we write better code everyday.

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