I wonder what happens to a person’s brain who plays multiple instruments at the same time?

I so enjoy playing music that this makes me want to learn more. It is such a vital part of my life.

What instruments do you play? If you don’t play an instrument, what kind of music do you listen to?


  1. I’m just like you. I’ve always been able to write songs in my head, but I have never known how to traanlste it onto paper or an instrument. I am now finally learning piano, at the age of 20. And it is hard, but not insurmountable. I’ve heard that it’s easier to do when you are younger and haven’t already developed naturally bad habits that can hinder your playing. However, this can be overcome. You just have to practice. Every day. Preferably for at least an hour. Even if you get bored. Just keep going. Repetition develops the muscle memory that will become your best friend.Also, I recommend getting a teacher. He/she will be able to give you pointers and will also keep you on track by helping you set goals for yourself.

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